Angelic Reiki Healing

For thousands of years the eastern cultures have been using energy in the healing process understanding that everything in the physical world is made up of (Ki) energy, it is this energy that makes not just humans, but worlds, function. During a reiki treatment the pure flow of energy is re-aligned within the body and aura.

As a master of energy, I use a sequence of non-invasive hand movements to remove any blockages and realign the energy flow to its natural state.  Rei-Ki is a natural, safe, effective ancient system of healing, that helps restore equilibrium to the body’s energy centres (chakras). When these energy centres are operating in balance, the body’s ability to self-heal becomes restored. When these energy centres are un-balanced, blocked or closed – our immune system becomes stressed and we can experience things like depression, stress, anxiety, chronic headaches, chronic colds and flu, fatigue, insomnia Often we ignore these bodily signs, that we are out of balance until diagnosed with something more serious – an unease or dis-ease within the energy system. Reiki successfully treats these imbalances. The energy field is brought into balance, allowing the mind body system to balance and heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

As a natural healer, I have been gifted the ability to work with higher evolved frequencies including Angels, Arc angels, Ascended Masters, and the holy ones, it is a beautiful collective energy of divine love, the highest vibration for healing, also bringing an amazing sense of “being” for the healee. As the energy is one of higher consciousness, these moments can be sacred moments of soul connection, encoded in this energy are often solutions for the healee, answers for life’s problems, which come as ideas and personal insights. For some, there can be the additional Angelic Blessings, a release from the mental, emotional hold of a karmic situation playing out at that time in your life, for the person and their family, or anyone connected, for the purpose of that healing.

Stress is a word that is familiar in all walks of life today, when stressed the immune system weakens leaving us prone to ill health. Reiki brings about calm, effectively dealing with the stress response, the major cause of many illnesses.   Reiki gently enhances the positive effects of other therapies such as chemotherapy, surgery and sport injury, seriously ill people can continue to receive orthodox medical attention while using Reiki to maximise recovery.

Some Benefits of Angelic Reiki

  • A feeling of inner calm, contentment, and serenity
  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduced tension & anxiety
  • Boosted energy levels.
  • Feeling more positive, confident, and better able to cope
  • Dealing better with stressful people and situation
  • Accelerates the natural healing process,
  • helping to heal conditions like, Sinusitis, Migraine, Asthma, back pain, arthritis, cancers, eczema, ME, depression, PMT, menopause, hormone imbalances, stomach problems, behavioural issues, addictions, Emotional upset and much more.
  • Improved immune system.
  • Creates balance, harmony, clarity and focus on daily work.
  • Leads to a better quality of life for many people.
  • Brings a sense of purpose.

What Might I Feel?

The sense of utter relaxation is, in fact, a healing state. It is often likened to being in the womb. There is a consciousness, yet the client feels separate and safe from all outside influence.  Maybe heat or coolness from the practitioner’s hands, perhaps tingling, a feeling of floating or sinking, or perhaps nothing at all.  It varies a lot from one person to another just a wonderful sense of inner peace, however no matter what you feel during your treatment, Reiki is giving you what you need for mind body and spirit.

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