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Certified Reiki level 1 degree, is the first attunement to receive the reiki energy connection to enable you to receive pure Reiki healing light flow on a physical level, giving you the ability to receive higher levels of universal life flow to heal yourself.

What is Rei-Ki
Reiki is a Japanese word, Rei meaning “soul, divine or universal” and Ki meaning “energy or life force”. Rei-Ki is universal life force, the energy that makes not just humans, but worlds, function. During a reiki treatment the pure flow of Ki energy is re-aligned within the body and aura. The theme of the Reiki one training is to “Heal Thyself” whereas the initiate is taught to heal yourself energetically on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.  To begin training as a Reiki healer the first step is to heal yourself and to increase your own connection to the Divine within, connecting to your own soul energy, that higher, wiser version of you.

Reiki 1, is your spiritual starter kit, giving you all the tools for self-discovery and an invitation to wake up to living the life that was meant for you, align with your soul path.

One’s motive is to be a master of one’s Self, to take responsibility for your life, as you activate your inner wisdom and the qualities and power of the 7 main chakras; reiki healing is an aspect of this holistic self –growth and a step towards self- completion and self –mastery, to bring about healing from within to become the best form of ourselves.

What is the Difference with Angelic Reiki Healing?
Angelic Reiki 1 brings an additional attunement into angelic healing (heavenly/cosmic love) to your Reiki practice (earth energy) which meets in your Heart – bringing heaven to earth and sharing light energy for all, with these higher angelic healing energies come a higher level of
consciousness and a higher frequency of healing, opening into heart consciousness.

Reiki One is recommended for:
– Anyone interested in healing themselves, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually – Reiki healing stays with you permanently leaving you with a healing tool to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually,

– Homemakers – Provide Reiki healing as a preventative measure against sickness for children and partners and friends.

– Complementary Health Practitioners – Those who would like to become professional Reiki Healing Practitioners or combine Reiki Healing with existing therapies e.g., massage, physiotherapy, reflexology, yoga or acupuncture.

– Medical Practitioners – to enhance healing and intuitive abilities for Doctors, Nurses, caretakers etc.

In Reiki one, you will receive.
– A Reiki Attunement, a spiritual initiation that will open the energy channels in our body to channel higher amounts of Universal life force energy for well-being and self-healing.
– You will receive an Angelic light attunement, which connects you to the Healing Angels and to the angelic healing rays.
– You are taught the Reiki Healing hand positions for self-healing and for healing others.
– You will receive practical training, healing energy exercises and various meditations.
– You will learn about the Chakra System and the Aura – how it is integral to spiritual healing.
– You will learn Psychic protection, to preserve your energy and personal boundaries.
– You will learn how to scan the body and aura for energy blockages.
– Learn about Angels and Spirit Guides
– Learn how to heal with Angels and spirit guides.
– You are taught about how toxins effect the chakra system.
– You are taught how to cleanse your aura and your environment.
– You will partake in a Reiki Healing on the Sunday – you will give a healing and receive a healing.

In addition, you will receive a Reiki one manual and a Reiki one certificate *please note a reiki 2 healer can only work with the public but after experience gained, a Reiki 1 healer can work with friends and family*

I also provide regular Reiki Shares where you can have continued support, a sacred space to give and receive a healing, and updates on the reiki system of healing as you develop your own personal reiki practice.

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Certified Reiki level II degree is a totally new level of healing energy for the reiki healer. The wisdom and healing behind Reiki Second Degree is about making an inner connection with our soul light.  When we activate the symbols of Second Degree, we can tap into the inner being – the true self, to activate this latent process of self-healing and commence further on our path to self-actualization.

The purpose of reiki level 2 self-healing is to bring about healing from within, healing on a core level of who we are. This power gives us the ability to help heal any major trauma and core issue from this life and even past-lives.  It gives us the ability to heal past, future, and present.

Angelic Reiki 11 brings higher levels of angelic healing (heaven) to your Reiki practice (earth energy) which meets in your Heart – bringing heaven to earth with the higher healing energies come a higher consciousness and a higher frequency of healing.

As a Reiki level II practitioner, you are progressing from Reiki I level from healing the self, family, and friends.  Now you can work with a wider scale of people using distant healing to work on a global level.  The focus now is on treating deeper elements of dis-ease, from the causal factors, not just working with the symptoms, but looking at the root case, maybe the emotional aspects, mental levels of illness to an environmental level, what we absorb form around us. The ability to heal on many levels of life, your working environment, home life, friendships, disputes, even on a global perspective.

You learn how to tune in and connect with your higher self to access your spiritual helpers, guides and angels to assist you on your healing journey, as you develop your higher chakras, you learn to nurture and grow a deeper trust in your intuition and divine source connection.

You will receive the Angelic Healing II attunement, this helps you connect to the full capacity of your compassion and healing potential, as you further open your heart chakra and heal your heart.  Lifting your vibrations to finer levels of subtle energies, connecting on a higher level to work with divine light, angels, and guides. As you radiate this healing love and joy, this causes a ripple effect that allows others to connect with their own love, joy, and healing.

You will receive the reiki II Attunement – A spiritual initiation that will open the energy channels in your body to channel higher amounts of Universal Life Force energy. 

The Reiki Practitioner is initiated into a more powerful healing energy.  More energetic blocks are released to enhance and increase the channelling abilities of the healer.  The first three reiki healing symbols are taught, which covers, emotional healing, mental healing, past life healing and distance healing.

– You will receive practical reiki training in the ancient reiki 11 symbols, to differentiate in their energies and learn how to activate and work with these powerful reiki symbols in healing.

– You will learn to partake in long distant healing (absent healing).  This is where the client receiving reiki does not need to be present.  Reiki is an energy that is not confined to time and space.

– You will receive reiki healing energy exercises and various meditations to anchor in the higher healing energies.

– You will learn how to perform a spiritual clearance.

– You will learn advanced forms of spiritual and psychic protection exercises.

– Learn about past lives and how they affect healing and how to heal on a past life level.

– You will learn how to scan the body and aura for energy blockages (this is taught on level one) – however we will revise and expand on these techniques.

– You will learn how to set and maintain boundaries when you work with others.

– You will partake in an Angelic Reiki healing on Sunday afternoon using your advanced skills of Reiki II.  As with your Reiki I Training, you will be given plenty of time to practice and discuss your experiences and questions in class.

– You will receive a Reiki II manual and a reiki two certificate, which entitles you to practice as a reiki level two healer.

As with reiki level one, this is not just weekend training, this is stage 2 in your personal training journey, I will be available for advice and support when needed after the course has been taken.

I believe, Reiki is not just a healing system but a way of being, and as you develop your practice, you develop personally, as within so without, life starts to change around us to reflect our transformation from within.   I have organised a Reiki Share, a place where other reiki initiates can come together and develop further their practice and continue with ongoing teaching opportunities within this Healing Space.

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Prerequisite:  for those who have completed Reiki level 1 & Reiki level 2

The Reiki Practitioner level is designed to bring the healer to the next level of training and embark on the journey of practitioner, this training is an opportunity to review Reiki level 1 & Reiki level 2, to get an all-round teaching and bring all the training together, condensed for a complete overview and understanding off all the teachings and experiences you have gained up to this stage of your Reiki journey.

The Reiki practitioner receives two re-attunements, this will provide a very quick quantum leap to even a higher level of consciousness and further accelerates your healing abilities. More energetic blocks are released to enhance and increase the channelling abilities of the healer, this is the next step towards becoming your own master practitioner.

During this process you will embark on a wonderful journey back into the individual symbols, their uses, beauty, and individual connection they hold and the divine link into this powerful oneness of light and love.

The practitioner level prepares you to work with others, children, pets, various techniques, and tools will be covered and distance healing practices for everyday challenges.

As part of the practitioner training, we will explore in great depth,
– Angelic Light touch/Healing techniques
– Causation of disease and illness,
– Major chakras & endocrine glands
– Tuning into energy & power of each chakra
– The aura, mind body system,
– Toxicity of the body,
– Acute and chronic disease,
– Clearing tools for your wellbeing,
– The development of intuition,
– Sensibility and interpreting of scanning energy.
– Practical guidelines for cause and effect of illness, energy blocks and disease.
– Covering a wide range of practical everyday situations, you may face as a Reiki Healer/ Practitioner.

This training also covers the requirements of the RFI (Reiki Federation of Ireland) and brings your training in alignment for further accreditation recognised and in alignment with Government Regulations and insurance requirements.

Case Studies to be undertaken to complete the course and gain your practising certificate.

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Prerequisite:  for those who have completed Reiki level 1 & Reiki level 2.

This master level training passes on the Usui reiki master symbol, this is the final symbol in the traditional teachings. I also pass on non-traditional symbols that I use in my practice, from other reiki teaching systems.

The remainder of the weekend training is working with the symbols and practical experience, energy guidance on being a master, the grounding tools for self-mastery, meditative inner work exploration and the teachings of the Usui Reiki systems philosophies on being a master.

This training will pass on all the teachings, however, to be a master is living the Reiki principles, and “being” the Master,

– you will receive the Reiki Master attunement

– you will receive your Reiki Master Level Certification

– Teaching the Reiki Master Level 3 symbols and practical experience of the master energy.

Additional Training to fit the Teaching Guidelines for Reiki Federation Ireland for accreditation requirements to work within the framework of the Private Health Insurance companies.

The 5 Reiki Principles

– Just for today, I will not Anger.

– Just for today, I will not Worry.

– Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

– Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

– Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

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About the trainer
Hello! My name is Jenny Murphy

My name is Jenny Murphy and welcome to my spiritual domain. Feel free to browse and contact me if there is anything that ignites your interest.

To understand this world around us and most definitely ourselves, we must look at the fact, that we are energy, we vibrate. I love to share spiritual science and teachings about energetics, consciousness, quantum physics, natural science, chakra psychology and the wisdom of the ancients.

Jenny Murphy
Reiki, Seichem Master Teacher,
Law of attraction & Mindset Coach

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