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It is a proven scientific fact that every living thing is surrounded by its own energy field, otherwise known as the aura. Our energy field comprises of seven bodies, the first layer is the physical body, the second layer is the etheric body, the third layer is the emotional body, the fourth layer comprises of your mental body, fifth layer is the spiritual body, the sixth layer is the causal body, and the seventh layer is soul body. All these bodies are connected in and through and from the 7 main chakras, all pulsating at different vibrations, energy consciousness, forming what science calls “the field” an aura of energetics and consciousness around the physical body creating the human aura.

Our personal Energy is a collection of everything, our thoughts, feelings, experiences, emotions, the past, the present, even the future thinking, generational cycles, programs, all driving our energy emission, we vibrate, who we are, what we are feeling, it becomes more than just our mood, it becomes our energy signature, of who you are today, that is picked up by other people’s energy systems.

Our thoughts and emotions affect the hearts magnetic field, which energetically affects those in our environment, science has proven, though a process called entanglement, we connect with one and others energy fields, which can explain why, we can feel drained after an interaction with some people’s energy fields.

As an intuitive healer, part of the healing process, is tuning into what is blocking the energy flow, what is being held, blocked, or depleted, for personal insight, releasing, clearing, unblocking, cutting ties between energy fields, releasing the power potential within each chakra to bring optimal health flow to the organs for health and vitality.

Part of the process is repairing, healing, and strengthening the auric field, when the aura is strong then the physical body is strong. When the energy field is damaged then related parts of the body cease to vibrate with the life force and this leads to illness.

I call this 1:1 energy session an MOT for the mind, body, Soul, just like you would your car, you have it serviced at least once or twice a year for optimal performance, we also need to look after our own electrical biochemical mechanics – take care of your energy, it is your gold.

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