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Jenny Murphy

Over the last 16 years, I Embarked on my own personal journey of learning about life, spirituality, chakra psychology, energy science, psychology, learning about myself, putting my trainings into practice, I very much walk my talk. I have always been an empath and intuitive, and over the last decades I have been given plenty of life lessons to master. I completely woke up, when I attended my first Rei-KI class, I was blown away by the invisible tangible energy, I had the most profound spiritual experience, that drove me, to share this freedom, knowledge, and peace with everyone I knew. I remember it was a tough time in my life and I did think about not going that day, little did I know, this training, was about to change the course of my life and align me to my life purpose.

I believe, everyone should have the opportunity to have these teachings, to harness their own inner power supply and make a deliberate claim to their life, stepping out of the automatic pilot way of living, adapting conscious living, and manifesting the life you want, with more peace of mind.

I am passionate about sharing the work, running many courses in all levels of Rei-Ki energy, personal development workshops, soul to soul workshops coaching groups of people to aspire to their soul mission, life path and uncover the fully radiant light that brings greater quality of life into normal everyday living.

I love to pass on the tools and ancient wisdom that has carried me through probably some of the most difficult times in my life, with a passion to share what I know works, with others, I believe in the easy path, if there is one to walk, I love life, people and how lovely is it to see people, especially our loved ones and family, friends thriving, it makes life easier for everyone. As humans, it is so important to find our tribe, to feel connected, to belong, one of my sayings, my casa is your casa, when those around us are struggling, it effects the whole collective energy. life is full of trials, lessons, struggles, I do not believe anyone escapes their own personal challenges.

When I opened to the world of energy and consciousness, I found life became easier as I learnt to master my own energy bodies, through the ancient art of Rei-Ki, a heart-based living style, I found a different perspective to living life. How we define our reality is how we are going to experience our reality.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

I love to pass on the teachings of the universal laws of energy and vibration, giving the tools for a better way of reacting to life, understanding our many energy Bodies, our frequencies, Unconscious self-thinking, our conditioning, the childhood programs that may been still running, the many past unresolved issues, that can keep us stuck on a response loop of low-level frequencies. 

The reality you expect to see, from a vibrational place, is what you give your attention to, your thoughts and feelings create your energy vibration, what you are sending out into the world, electromagnetic frequencies, you attract back to you, this is the experience, that shows up in your life. Most of this is unconscious processing but when we can understand the workings of our mind and our energy system, we can utilise this combined power of our energetics and our consciousness to change our outcomes.

There is so much to explore and learn about us as” Energy Beings” and how to take care of our energy system, this is our gold, the elixir of life, what manifests our world.

For 2021. Give yourself the gift of learning to tune in to your energetics, the processors of your life force energy and keep those batteries fully charged and ready for the year ahead.

My mission is to help rise the vibrations for us all and our planet, living your life from a place of love, this is called heart consciousness, vibrating from the heart, lifting and clearing your vibrations as you go through your day or week. if we were all vibrating from the same higher vibes, what a happier place for all, especially for families, to know these ancient truths, imparts power, empathy and can save lives.

Our lives are the grounding force for what comes next, your body is the vehicle for your soul to experience life, here on earth, it is time to sit into the driving seat and set the navigation route for what you want your soul to fuel. “What would you like to experience in life”?

If you do not set the course for your life, by default, someone else will run your life for you.

Jenny Murphy
Reiki, Seichem Master Teacher,
Law of attraction & Mindset Coach

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