Past Life Regression

Past life Healing offers deep healing right into our cells, healing across this and all lifetimes, like a domino effect, healing all levels of an issue, bringing resolve to many levels of a problem, we also can access latent talents, qualities, skills, strengths, gain deep wisdom into the self, insight into our weaknesses, behaviours, preferences, fears, phobias, and health problems. Healing the core aspects of unresolved cycles, deep past life wounds, bringing the answers to present life problems,

Past Life Regression Therapy can help you to find the source and history of current blocks and difficulties. This gives you freedom to experience who you really are in a much deeper way. You could understand the true root causes of your symptoms, fears, impediments, dependences, often having roots in the experiences of other lifetimes. Consciously held symptoms and patterns are often related to deeper primary issues in symbolic or metaphorical ways.

This past life therapy sessions, is a deep level of healing, tapping into higher levels of energy and consciousness, holding the space to explore the many levels of self, accessing the akashic records of your soul.

Past life exploration is a journey for healing the core aspects of unresolved cycles, which could be a generational story or a running program of a similar outcome, whether with love, health, financial, career or relationship blocks.

Our lifetimes, just like the seasons, moving through cycles, rites of passage, of ritual twists and turns, for the human experience to break a cycle, we may return back to earth to heal from this 3rd and 4th dimensional level of self, some unfinished business, to heal deep past life wounds, to finish a cycle from another time, and not to continue that cycle in this lifetime.

This past life journey is a remembering of our stories, no judgements, just love and compassion. Past life is a past time, it can be 10, 20, 50, 100 years ago, the timeline of the soul is non-linear, we go back to the source of the problem, to find the knot in time, holding the answers to present life problems, this wisdom can release huge potential energy into this lifetime, creating liberation and freedom for the soul.

The subconscious mind, a super powerhouse, it holds all our stories, from the womb, in this and all lifetimes, our beliefs formed from past times, our experiences become our beliefs, our beliefs become our programs that we live our life from today. these past life programs can be self-limiting and sabotaging your wellbeing, abundance, love, and happiness in this lifetime.

From an energetic perspective, our chakras hold the many stories of your many soul experiences, past lives, the chakras are the invisible anatomy for the spiritual bodies. The physical (visible body) and the spiritual (invisible bodies) interconnect through the main chakra system, creating a network of energetics and consciousness forming our aura, the carrier for our soul consciousness. We are spirit in a physical body, living the soul experience of you, in this lifetime. As we tap into the higher soul consciousness, we have a download of everything that is relevant for this past life healing.

From a Scientific perspective, quantum research is proving our DNA carries memories, stored in organs, genetically inherited trauma, altered epigenetics changes, altered stress hormones, the information stays with us, somehow passed on through the DNA, scientific evidence showing, the body itself is storing energy information, transferred in organ transplants, and also transferred across generations.

Through your past life session, as you delve into the root of your present-day problem, the soul knows where to go, exploring and healing the invisible and allowing all the wisdom of your body to give you the answers, the body knows how to heal, the body holds the secrets, the mind just needs to listen. we start noticing where all these patterns came from. feeding through the threads of all lifetime experiences into your current life experience. This brings an opportunity for major personal growth and deep healing, for many aligning to your life purpose, attracting high vibrational experiences to assist you manifesting, new life changes.



  • stimulate increased self-knowledge.
  • control or eliminate pain.
  • bring comfort to the grieving.
  • uncover hidden talents.
  • reveal the karmic causes of physical illness and eliminate them.
  • release the negative aspect of the past.
  • discover a greater meaning and purpose of life.
  • heal the body by healing the mind.
  • help problems such as obesity, allergy, and substance abuse.
  • create more loving relationships.
About the trainer
Hello! My name is Jenny Murphy

My name is Jenny Murphy and welcome to my spiritual domain. Feel free to browse and contact me if there is anything that ignites your interest.

To understand this world around us and most definitely ourselves, we must look at the fact, that we are energy, we vibrate. I love to share spiritual science and teachings about energetics, consciousness, quantum physics, natural science, chakra psychology and the wisdom of the ancients.

Jenny Murphy
Reiki, Seichem Master Teacher,
Law of attraction & Mindset Coach

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