The 7 Keys for Manifesting

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Enrolled: 30 students
Duration: 4 Hours
Lectures: 33
Level: Beginner
Welcome to The 7 Keys for Manifesting Video Course by Jenny Murphy.
In this course, you’ll learn how to tap into the creation vibration and manifest your desires with ease.

The first module has been unlocked, including a bonus meditation, to give you a sense of working with me as a guide and if you wish to dive in deeper to give yourself the gift of “The 7 keys for manifesting” Video Course.

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Module 1: Manifesting 101 – Over 6 lessons you’ll be guided to understand the basis of Manifesting 101. Taking the woo woo out of manifesting. Exploring How Manifesting works, Science and Spirituality, concepts of Soul Purpose, the Law of Dharma, The Universal Self, 3 Aspects of Self, Law of Divine Oneness, Law of Pure Potentiality, Identify the 3 Minds, The Law of Vibration, how our thoughts Create, The law of Correspondence.

Bonus Meditation: Clearing Negative Thoughts

Module 2: 1st Key “I Connect” – Over 3 lessons as you take the vital step of giving yourself permission to dive into The first Key of the 7 Keys for Manifesting, you will be guided and aligned with your higher wiser version of you, as you embrace the 1st Key “I Connect”, in this video lesson, learn to create Your sacred space “I Connect” Ritual. Explore guided workbook journaling and identify Your Vibrational Set Point.

Bonus Meditation: “I Connect”: Experience a beautiful 24.32 mins Guided Meditation “I Connect”, using 111 Hz frequency, also called the angelic frequency, which can help you to tune into the present moment to receive spiritual love and assistance from your highest self, as a sign of love and protection for you.

“Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.” – Philosophy of The Alchemist

Module 3: 2nd Key “I Let Go”

With 9 Modules of life-changing content, this video course will guide you through a personalised Manifesting workshop. Each module includes guided workbook journaling exercises and meditations, allowing you to experience the full benefits of the 7 keys for manifesting. Get ready to manifest the life you want to be living!

Module 4: 3rd Key “I Decide”

Over 6 lessons this is a deep dive module, really getting in to our vibrational frequency, understanding vibrational attraction, we will explore The law of Intention & Desire, Us as Energy  Beings, Power of Intention.

Guided Meditative Exercises,  Deciding what you want Process, Decide your “Top 3 Wish List”, 5 guided processes, Energy in Motion (E-motion) 1- E-Motional Empowerment Frequency Process, 2- Guided E-motional Frequency Setting, 3- Lifting your Personal Energy Set Point, 4- E-motional Body Regulation, 5 – Regulate Emotional Set Point & Your Creation Vibration What Limits Us. Covering Self-sabotaging Beliefs, Exploring, reflective & awareness guided workbook journaling, techniques to retrain your brain.

Learn to Take control of the programs that control our lives. 


Module 5: 4th Key “I Vibrate”

Over 4 lessons, covering the universal laws that are fundamental to the law of attraction, working in your life, the Law of Vibration and the Law of Energy. This is an exciting module you get to Experience your Creation Vibration, a Vibrational Mantra, discover (EGS). Emotional Guidance Scale, Understanding Frequencies of Abundance, your Quantum Vibrational Self.

Guided mediative exercise: Energise your Wish List and Anchor the Creation Vibration creating a magnetic aura for manifesting.

Bonus Meditation: Creation Vibration – Experience this guided 11 minutes meditation, giving your self-time, discovering your personal vibration that creates the good stuff, in your life.

Quantum tells us our heart is the largest output of electromagnetic energy.

“What we think, we become.” – Buddha.

Module 6: 5th Key “I Affirm”

Over 3 lessons developing Conscious Manifesting, as we delve into the Law of Conservation of Energy, encode new Energetic Programs for Life, as you learn to Reprogram for an Abundant Mindset Explore and create new mantras for great living, guided exciting journaling and energetic workbook exercises to Create 3 New personal Wish List Mantras and General Life Mantras.

Module 7: 6th Key “I See” – Over 3 lessons illuminating how visualisation can help you bring your desires into reality. What I can Visualise, I can materialise, is the basis of these lessons, we will cover Techniques to Cancel and reset old visioning, as you explore the Mirror Principle and exploring guided visualisation, as Einstein said, “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions. “Fun guided workbook lesson, taking time out to Create your Vision Board or Mind movie, encoding your cells with great new instructions for life’s coming attractions.

Bonus Meditation – Upload your Wish List to the Universe

Upload your Wish List to the Universe, beautiful guided 29-minute mediation, Feel yourself floating in the boundless universe of creative light energy, become magnetic for your dreams in this mediation feel the 111Hz frequency bringing your dreams for your future, even deeper into your cells, as you drop down deeply, glow with this cosmic light, as you higher self-connect, creating a new blueprint for your dreams to actualise into your reality, in now time, planting the seeds, as above, so below. Creating a magnetic aura for attracting, your top 3 wishes to be grounded into your life, as experience.


Module 8: 7th Key “I Act” – 3 lessons bringing your 7 keys of manifesting into action steps, exploring the Law of Inspired Action, the Law of Karma. Guided action worksheets to make your wish list Manifest. Action plan for Conscious Manifesting with Guided Run Through Tutorial Practices to keep you on track, The 3-minute Reset, to maintain high vibing Daily living.

Guided Action Tools covered. 30 Seconds Vibrational Hold, Manifesting Blueprint Worksheet, Monthly Manifest Planner, Letter to the (universal) Self, write it down, Complete Vision Board, 3 Minute Reset, Daily Planner – Daily Gratitude Practice Journal, Manifesting Goal Prompts, Soul Mate Manifest Prompts, to keep you on track, with extra copies to print off.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” -Paulo Coelho

Module 9: The final module “Rethink Gratitude for yourself” – Two lessons, learning to keep our vibes high, The cliche “An attitude of gratitude” counting your blessings instead of your burdens, becomes a habit, an abundant frequency habit. Sharing some insightful moving forward tips for manifesting your Dreams and wishes. Namaste & Blessings.


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Module 1 - Taking the Woo Woo out of Manifesting

Welcome to Manifesting 101

How Manifesting works, Science and Spirituality

Soul Purpose

Law of Dharma

The Universal Self

3 Aspects of Self, Law of Divine Oneness, Law of Pure Potentiality

The 3 Minds

The Law of Vibration

Thoughts Create

The law of Correspondence

Preparing for Module 2

Getting the best from your Lessons

Bonus Meditation

Clearing Negative Thoughts

Clearing Negative Thoughts

Course Files

7 Keys to manifesting

Module 2 - The 1st Key I Connect

1st Key “I Connect”

Your sacred space, Soul Connect, Workbook exercise pg 1, Your Vibrational Set Point

“I Connect” Ritual
“I Connect” Meditation

Module 3 - The 2nd Key I Let Go

The 2nd Key “I Let Go”

Guided Journaling Soul Connect

I let go Ritual 

Violet light Activation  

Workbook exercise pages 2 & 3

Module 4 - The 3rd Key I Decide

3rd Key “I Decide”

The law of Intention & Desire

Us as Energy Beings 

Power of Intention

Top 3 “Wish List” to Manifest

Guided Workbook Exercise page 7 (part 1)

E-Motional Empowerment Frequency Process

Guided Workbook Exercise page 7 (part 2)

Lifting your Personal Energy Set Point

Guided E-motional Frequency Setting 

Energy in Motion – Your Creation Vibration

E-motional Body Regulation

Regulate Emotional Set Point

What Limits Us

Self-sabotaging Beliefs 

Exploring, Awareness & Reflection 

Take control of the programs that control our lives. 

Workbook journalling page 8,28

Awareness Retrain your Brain

Meditative Exercise

Deciding what you want Process

Workbook Exercise page 4, 5 & 6

Module 5 - The 4th Key I Vibrate

4th Key “I Vibrate”

Law of Vibration

Law of Energy

Vibrational Mantra 

Creation Vibration

EGS. Emotional Guidance Scale

Understanding Frequencies of Abundance

Quantum Vibrational Self


Creation Vibration

Creation Vibration

Meditative Exercise

Energise Your Wish List

Energise your Wish List

Anchor Creation Vibration

Magnetic Aura for Manifesting 

Module 6 - The 5th Key I Affirm

5th Key “I Affirm”

Conscious Manifesting

Law of Conservation of Energy

Encode new Programs for Life

Abundant Mindset 

Create Wish List Mantras

3 New personal Wish List Mantras 

Guided Workbook Exercise Page 12 &23

General Life Mantras

Module 7 - The 6th Key I See

6th Key “I See”

What I Visualise, I materialise 

Techniques, Cancel, Clear, Delete

Workbook journaling page 15

Mirror Principle


Create your Vision Board

Guided Workbook Exercise Page 16


Upload Wishlist, Magnetic Coat

Upload your Wish List to the Universe

Module 8 - The 7th Key I Act

7th Key “I Act”

Law of Inspired Action 

7 Keys to Manifesting Mantra

Law of Karma 

I Take Action

Guided Action plan for Conscious Manifesting 

Guided Workbook Run-Through Tutorial 

30 Seconds Vibrational Hold 

Manifesting Blueprint Worksheet 

Monthly Manifest Planner 

Letter to the (universal) Self, write it down.

Complete Vision Board

3 Minute Reset

Daily Planner - to keep you on track, with extra copies to print off.

Daily Gratitude Practice Journal

Manifesting Goal Prompts

Soul Mate Manifest Prompts

Meditative Practice

3 Minute Reset

Reset your Emotional Setpoint. Page 24

Maintain Vibrational Set Point – high vibing

Module 9 - Rethink Gratitude

Rethink Gratitude For Yourself

The cliche "An attitude of gratitude” counting your blessings instead of your burdens, becomes a habit, an abundant frequency habit.


Moving Forward

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The 7 Keys for Manifesting
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