Transpersonal Energy Therapy

This 1:1 session allows you to look for healing solutions outside the realms of the five senses, delve deep and expand your self-awareness of what keeps you stuck, tapping into the intrinsic nature of self, the many layers of being. The energy we hold, stuck in our cells, the old stories with emotional residues, that we keep safe in the layers of the aura. From this and other lifetimes, old wounds, held in place, that still influence our personal energy field and our everyday life causing discomfort, blocks, physical pain, waiting to be explored, released and for healing to take place. Incorporating high vibrational healing energy to clear up lower emotional energies for spontaneous deep healing, allowing a sacred space for personal insights into solutions to our problem, with compassion and a deeper wisdom, we can change our stories.


About the trainer
Hello! My name is Jenny Murphy

My name is Jenny Murphy and welcome to my spiritual domain. Feel free to browse and contact me if there is anything that ignites your interest.

To understand this world around us and most definitely ourselves, we must look at the fact, that we are energy, we vibrate. I love to share spiritual science and teachings about energetics, consciousness, quantum physics, natural science, chakra psychology and the wisdom of the ancients.

Jenny Murphy
Reiki, Seichem Master Teacher,
Law of attraction & Mindset Coach

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