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The subconscious mind, is a super powerhouse, recording every moment of your life, from the womb to this point in time, the subconscious holds all our stories, with beliefs that were formed in our early years and throughout our life, behavioural patterns that were created at a time, to protect us. As adults, we can still be running our life off old childhood programs and false and limiting beliefs. This makes sense, when you recall an adult, maybe someone you work with having a tantrum and acting like a two-year-old. This session helps you address any beliefs or programs, that have held you back, and during this amazing session, you get to update your programs, using the power of your conscious awareness.

Most of the subconscious programming, we learned in early childhood, the messages we picked up mostly from our parents, school, religion or from anyone else who was very influential for the first seven years of our lives. Most of the programs that are still running can be, ‘You are not good enough’, ‘You are not smart enough’, ‘You don’t deserve’, ‘Other people are better than you’, ‘You are not acceptable or respectable as you are, you have to be better.’

Whether these messages were given to us directly or indirectly, they are what we picked up from our experiences and those messages went into our innocent unconscious minds where they became truths. These beliefs became the stories we tell ourselves, which are still playing out, as our inner critic, any time we are in similar situation, self-sabotaging our attempts at happiness, success, love, etc. we are not aware that we are doing it ourselves, because it is, well… unconscious.

Our first Love experiences create the template for the next experiences on how to deal with life and over time it becomes automatic way of living life, I work a lot with relationship blocks, the first relationships will also impact subsequent relationships, with carried over beliefs that are projected onto the partner, positively or negatively.

Many people know exactly how they want to be and how they would like to change but just cannot seem to make significant changes in their lives.  After all, if you could fix your issues by using your conscious mind, you would already have done it! You may have spent a lot of time talking and thinking about your problems. If this conscious approach has not worked, then the subconscious patterns of your mind may be causing your problems. Therefore, you need to pursue a therapy which addresses the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind.

Using hypnotherapy to address these subconscious patterns leads to safe and effective healing of old patterns, your subconscious knows where these false and limiting beliefs are stored. The ones that have held you back, and during this amazing session, they are neutralized using the power of our conscious awareness.

No matter who you are, events in your life, both trivial and monumental, have shaped your thoughts and visions about who you are and what you can accomplish.

Learning how to shift your thinking, time to re-evaluate old perception – releasing as you go, using your awareness, grounding, and meditation practice to stay expanded and open-minded.

Taking the responsibility for your own life, not from an old paradigm, past imprints from childhood but learning to live in the now and readjust to suit the outcomes you now choose, through mindful awareness of how you respond to circumstances.

Clinical hypnotherapy will take you on a journey of healing through a structured process over a couple of sessions which gradually and gently reveals and releases these limiting subconscious patterns and helps replace them with more positive models of thinking and feeling. Most issues can be released in a small number of sessions allowing you to move on with your life. Some deeper issues may take longer to resolve. 

As the Therapist, I work at your pace, client centred therapy to help you resolve those inner workings of the mind. With a little guidance, you can begin to make the changes you want to make to your automatic behaviours and/or emotional reactions so they become positive for you instead of negative.  Helping you to help yourself… Insights do work.


About the trainer
Hello! My name is Jenny Murphy

My name is Jenny Murphy and welcome to my spiritual domain. Feel free to browse and contact me if there is anything that ignites your interest.

To understand this world around us and most definitely ourselves, we must look at the fact, that we are energy, we vibrate. I love to share spiritual science and teachings about energetics, consciousness, quantum physics, natural science, chakra psychology and the wisdom of the ancients.

Jenny Murphy
Reiki, Seichem Master Teacher,
Law of attraction & Mindset Coach

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