Master Your Mindset Workshops

Mindfulness for Beginners – Basics for life

Mindset Reset Workshop

Moving on & letting go – Learning to rise again.

Reclaiming the Adult Workshop

Mindfulness for Beginners – Basics for life

This beautifully guided workshop will teach you to calm the mind and tune into what runs your whole human “being”, allowing the mind to rest and breathe to your own natural rhythm.

Living mindfully is an opportunity to wake up to our automatic pilot way of living life, allowing a time and space to clear out the mental clutter, in Buddhism it is called mental purification, clearing the mind, what blocks us on a mental level of being. Experts tell us, “we are, what we eat”, which is agreeable to most people, I would like to introduce the concept of “we are, what we think” as you explore this workshop, awakening to conscious living.

Included in this workshop
– Lifetime access to this guided workshop.

– A workbook with the tools and techniques to use daily.

– Living in stressful times learning to come out of the automatic pilot.

– Understanding what is the stress response?

– Explore your stress reactions to life with easy-to-use self-awareness techniques.

– The “know how” – turn your stress reactions around.

– Understand your basic mindset workings.

– Guided mindful mediations collection – yours to keep.

Helping you to help yourself.

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Mindset Reset Workshop

Change your mind, change your life.

This powerful guided workshop will help you to help yourself control your thoughts and reactions and adapt a new set of chosen reactions that support you in the present moment, with practice you become a deliberate co-creator of your life.

This guided workshop will give you the tools and techniques for conscious living.

Included in this workshop

– Lifetime access to this guided workshop.

– A workbook with the tools and techniques to use year after year.

– Learning new action, as opposed to reaction.

– To turn down the thinking worrying mind,

– Reset your mind from chaos into zen.

– Set up a meditative practice to use any time, any where to take control back from excessive thinking, worrying or negative anticipation for the future.

– Mindful meditation for anxiety and worry.

– Mindfully based CBT practice to change your thinking processes.

– Guided Meditations to support your practice.

Jonathon Mead said, “Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem”, our thoughts shape our day, our moods, our life, our choices. These thoughts can be the basis for most of our reactions, some thoughts like long playing records in the background of our life experiences.

where our thought goes our energy flows … what we think and feel on a regular basis, becomes our beliefs, which becomes our reality, if we put enough energy behind our thoughts, we will attract back to us,” that thing” we have focused our attention on, that we have believed, into being, it is the law of manifesting.

Positive life experiences, wellness and love are wonderful acts of manifesting in action, but what if we are manifesting our worst fears, living in mental chaos, unclear about the power potential behind our mental and emotional states. Like the moon and the sun, there is always a balancing act, between light and darkness, each state is part of the whole and is necessary for life and evolution.

Learning to use the power of our mind and our subconsciousness mind to work in unison, using mindfully based meditations to understand ourselves better and claim control over the mindset.

“I do not fix problems, I fix my thinking, then problems fix themselves.” – Louise L Hay.

Helping you to help yourself.

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Moving on & letting go – Learning to rise again.

In life we will be faced with life deciding challenges, series of opportunities disguised as challenges, and problems, some have said that success was born out of the chaos, learning to seek the wisdom within the challenges that you have grown from. When something goes wrong in life, when we face the challenge, we always learn something and grown from it, either to never go there again, or become stronger if that experience ever represents itself again. Sometimes we become that strength and wisdom for someone close, moving through the same experience, lessons in life (life lesson). No wrongs, no rights, just experiences and opportunities for growth and expansion.

Hardships in life, a breakup, struggles, challenges, relationship conflicts sometimes feel like coming out of a battle. Our past stories, that still somehow define us, as we retell the same dramas.

Learning to rise again. Rise again in energy,

I get knocked down, but I get up again, sometimes its hard to achieve this without help, this mini course will give you some tools to rise again.

Every morning, we learn to physically get up and get on with the day, we have been trained to do this, sometimes it is hard to get back up emotionally and mentally, when we have had a bad hit, but it is in our genes to survive, so come on this journey, take my energetic hand and I will guide you through a waking process for getting back up, again, energetically.

All beliefs are choices, you can choose to believe this, or you can choose to believe that.

The programming in our subjective mind, what we put our attention on grows stronger in our lives.

Included – the head space meditation, mindfully based techniques, to help you help yourself, over time and with practice, you will find peace within.

You would not be here if you had not survived everything that happened to you before. You can survive this. Finding your way up and out, shift your mind and you will shift this time in your life, maybe gaining, the birth of your inner gifts that will come to support you through.

Sharing 5 key concept, that have worked time and time again for so many people,

– How to control the emotions,

– Changing your focus

– The blame games.

– Timeline for healing 

– Head space practices

I will include 3 meditations to support you at this time in your life, guided short practices, and longer practices assisting your process in getting back up again.

Helping you to help yourself.

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Reclaiming the Adult Workshop

Be the person You needed when you were younger.
This beautifully guided workshop, creating a sacred space and time to get to know You. We all have an inner child waiting to be heard… For many, we are kids in grown up bodies still running off our childhood programs, still navigating the adult world from our old childhood emotional and mental conditioning, fears, and past experiences.

This can lead to repeating the same old patterns and cycles, acting from the place of the inner child making poor decisions, living life with same childhood insecurities, having temper tantrums, difficulties with relationships needing our parents or someone to step in and take care of us.

Included in this workshop.

– Lifetime access to this guided workshop.

– A workbook with the tools and techniques to use year after year.

– Learning new action, as opposed to reaction.

– Understanding your many inner child voices

– Become the observer of your life, your energy, and your happiness.

– Claiming the adult self, reclaiming your personal power.

– Knowing how to heal the inner child.

Turning up for yourself in life and becoming the person You needed when you were younger and Loving the many aspects of ourselves.

Meditation – healing your inner child.
Helping you to help yourself.

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