Summer Solstice “Litha”

How It relates to “Us as Energy Beings”

This solar event, awakening within our cells, the ancient ritual of ceremony, a time to Be still, reflect, reset, and recharge energetically. Finding time for reconnection with our ancient roots. The Solstice meaning to stand still or be still – this is a sacred time for reflection and Manifesting. 

Our ancestors used this time of reflection, for manifesting through celebration and fire rituals, letting go what wasn’t working, or deemed as negative energy, that caused them hardship. In our modern world, The summer Solstice planetary alignment remains the same, however today, humanity is faced with major challenges, and a need for global change, which has also triggered a need for personal Change. People are exploring spirituality, the need for connection is huge, people are searching for a sense of self connection and life purpose. 

The solstice energy can reconnect us back to the land, back to the rituals and traditions our ancestors once practiced. On this day they gathered and celebrated as a community, they carried out rituals, for manifesting better harvests, health, life and for better relationships. Today in our modern times on this summer solstice we can bring in the same collective tradition and take that time out, to be still, to reflect on the past six months and harvest your energy with this solstice power, for manifesting change.

From an energy point of view, talking energy and consciousness.

On an energetic level, at summer solstice, as the sun rises, vibrations are high, connect and harness the energy for manifesting your dreams and goals into action, the solstice energy charges up the solar plexus, your chakra of personal power. The higher solar energy activates the 6th chakra of intuition, which amplifies your self-awareness, visualisation abilities and super charges up your 2nd chakra of creation, for manifesting positive change in your career, wealth, happiness, love, and health.

Time to connect and harness the power of the Summer Solstice.

In higher consciousness, step outside consciously intend to greet the sunrise or sunset.

The crown chakra will be receiving extra influx of light, the sun transmits higher waves of consciousness.

This is good timing for birthing new ideas, innovation, new beginnings which really fires you up, helps you to be more direct determined and increases the solar plexus energy of personal power and manifesting.

Many Solstice Blessings  x

Jenny Murphy
Reiki, Seichem Master Teacher,
Law of attraction & Mindset Coach

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Jenny Murphy

My name is Jenny Murphy and welcome to my spiritual domain. Feel free to browse and contact me if there is anything that ignites your interest.

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Hello! My name is Jenny Murphy

My name is Jenny Murphy and welcome to my spiritual domain. Feel free to browse and contact me if there is anything that ignites your interest.

To understand this world around us and most definitely ourselves, we must look at the fact, that we are energy, we vibrate. I love to share spiritual science and teachings about energetics, consciousness, quantum physics, natural science, chakra psychology and the wisdom of the ancients.

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